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Betty White Interview

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Betty White Interview



(CSC) 1. What an honor to chat with you. Congrats on all of the recent success (Emmy, SAG and Gracie Allen Awards). What’s your take on the volume of attention you’re receiving at this stage in your life?


(Betty White)

Thank you so much Christian! I’m quite surprised and most appreciative of these great opportunities during this time in my career. It thrills me to still be able to do what I love and to receive the recognition for it. Honestly, with this latest Emmy nomination, that should be one of the other girls that got it. That should not be me because I’m lucky enough to be on the show; I latched on at the very last moment with “Hot In Cleveland.”



(CSC) 2. You were born in Oak Park, Illinois but moved to California as a young girl….how did you initially become involved in show business?


(Betty White)

I first became involved in show business when I played the lead in the graduation play at Beverly Hills High School, “Pride and Prejudice.” At that time, a Disc Jockey name Al Jarvis hired me to work on his talk show on KCOP; and from there the rest is history.



(CSC) 3. You’ve returned to television on TV Land’s hit sitcom “Hot in Cleveland,” how did this great opportunity present itself to you?


(Betty White)

I agreed to do the pilot as a one-short guest stint providing I would not be obligated if they went series because I just didn’t have the time. Of course how many pilots do you do and they don’t pick you up for months but we got picked up in three weeks and somehow my “no” didn’t seem to stick with the producers; I have the spine of a jellyfish. I’m having such a good time and those girls have been such a pleasure to work with and I absolutely adore them. They are just the sweetest and I cannot say enough about them.



(CSC) 4. Being a regular on a television series once again, what is your daily routine like when you’re taping?


(Betty White)

Well we have a table read every Monday, then we are off on Tuesday, we have rehearsals on Wednesday and Thursday and we film the show on Friday night. It’s quite a busy schedule that is for sure.



(CSC) 5. What do you treasure most from your many years as the beloved “Rose Nylund” on the classic series The Golden Girls?


(Betty White)

Being able to work with Bea, Rue and Estelle all those years was such a joy and pleasure and of course being able to have such magnificent writers on the show.



(CSC) 6. Being that you are a dedicated advocate for animal health and welfare, why is this cause so close to your heart?


(Betty White)

Animals have been my first love since the womb and always will be! I am interested in Animal health and welfare and I have been with the Morris Animal Foundation for over fifty years now. We fund humane health studies and the specific health problems of dogs, cats and horses in zoo and wildlife. It’s a marvelous organization and I’m proud to still be with them.



(CSC) 7. What do you want to be remembered for?


(Betty White)

I’d like to be remembered for promoting kindness to animals and to other human beings.



SD editor Christian Scalise pictured with Ms. Betty White in Chicago upon her cover story presentation

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