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November 30th, 2014

St. Lucia Interview:

Check out our interview with sensational new band, St. Lucia. In Part I of the interview the band discusses their latest album “When The Night,” the creative process behind the new album, what fans can expect at their live shows plus much more!

Enjoy the interview right here:



November 16th, 2014

St. Lucia Cover Presentation:

CHICAGO, IL (November 15th, 2014) –This past week, Christian F. Scalise of Showbiz Deluxe presented synth-pop band, St. Lucia with their official November/December 2014 cover backstage before their second and final electrifying sold-out show at the Metro in Chicago on Tuesday November 11th, 2014...

Read the full article with photo & video here:



September 26th, 2014

Doriana Sanchez Interview; Part II:

We are pleased to release Part II of our interview with entertainment veteran, Doriana Sanchez! In Part II of the interview, the award winning and Emmy nominated director, creator and choreographer discusses her international circus extravaganza, writing a book about her life, the first time she met music icon Cher, their 30 year working relationship and in-depth conversation on her involvement in the first leg of Cher's 'Dressed To Kill' tour. 

Check out Part II of our interview: Doriana Sanchez Chat



September 4th, 2014

Joan Rivers Tribute:

While it may have been just a short time I knew her, my few interactions with the great Joan Rivers were pleasant and memorable ones. I recall the very first time that I interviewed Joan for Showbiz Deluxe in winter of 2012...

Read the full article with photos here:



September 2nd, 2014

Donny & Marie Osmond Cover Presentation:

CHICAGO, IL (September 2nd, 2014) – This past weekend, Christian F. Scalise founder and executive editor of Showbiz Deluxe had the great honor of presenting entertainment superstars, brother-sister duo Donny & Marie Osmond with their official Showbiz Deluxe cover at the Paramount Theatre in Aurora, Illinois on Friday August 29th, 2014

See the full article with photos here:



September 1st, 2014

Donny & Marie Osmond Concert Review:

Brother-sister duo, legendary superstars Donny and Marie Osmond brought their hit show to the Paramount Theatre for seven sensational performances. Voted “Best Show in Las Vegas,” this one of a kind concert experience offered concertgoers state of the art lighting, top notch video production, a full band, breathtaking costume changes, lots of humor and audience participation.

 Read the FULL concert review here:  D&M Show Review Aug 14  



July 3rd, 2014

Doriana Sanchez Interview; Part I:

We are extremely pleased to reveal Part I of our interview with multi-talented award winning and Emmy nominated director, creator and choreographer Doriana Sanchez. The entertainment veteran talks about her nineteen hour brain surgery and miraculous recovery, finding healing through music and movement, reflects on the early days of her career PLUS more! 


Check out the interview, gallery of photos and special video greetings here:



June 10th, 2014

Doriana Sanchez Cover Presentation:

Chicago, IL (June 9, 2014) - This past week, Showbiz Deluxe was privileged to meet and present multi-talented award winning and Emmy nominated director, creator and choreographer Doriana Sanchez with her official summer 2014 cover story….. 


Read the full release here:  



April 19th, 2014

Kim Gravel Interview; Part II: 


Check out Part II of our interview with one of the most inspiring women on television, former Miss Georgia, Life Coach and star of the hit Lifetime television show Kim of Queens, Kim Gravel! In the first half of the interview Kim chats about her brand new TV show, winning Miss Georgia and losing Miss America, how life has taught her to remain optimistic and MUCH MORE!


Read Part II of the interview with KIM GRAVEL here: Kim Gravel Interview 14 



February 5th, 2014

Chaka Khan Interview; Part II:

It is with great honor that we share Part II of our exclusive interview with 10-time Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter, the iconic Chaka Khan! In Part II of the interview, Chaka discusses her extreme talent to perform various genres of music, what she appreciates the most at this stage in her life, thoughts on today's music artists, overcoming her public struggles of the past and MUCH MORE!


Read Part II of our interview with CHAKA KHAN: